One-on-One Sessions with Brent - Testimonials

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Brent D'Silva - Spiritual Teacher offering One-on-One Guidance for seekers curious about awakening, Kundalini, the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Non-Duality, and more."My 43-year faithful mantra meditation practice has allowed for a bedrock of silence. That silence recognizes stillness in others, especially in written word. I first met Brent on his blog. As I read entry after entry of his, the core of silence I've always intimately known, was stirred. Here was this very poised young man, speaking truth that struck the very deepest core of my being. I did not have to seek a 3rd party to verify anything, what he was writing clearly came from the source of all truth. I had a Skype session with Brent, to explore his experience, and to further my own growth. It touched the core of my heart, and led to greater surrender to "what is", and I left the call with a profound sense of gratitude. Seek his counsel with full confidence that you are being blessed with divine guidance" - Craig, Minnesota

"Working with Brent is a spontaneous, effortless exploration, which every time has left me with a greater sense of ease, empowerment and clarity. I never prepare much and yet the session somehow answers everything I wanted to address (and more!) - from blocks and challenges to confusions and curiosities. The most significant wisdom Brent has transmitted to me is to trust what arises and recognise that "everything is here to help me" (Matt Kahn's teaching). My sense is Brent has integrated this teaching to a significant depth in his own being; he can therefore guide others to see how it's true in their specific circumstances, without bypassing whatever difficult feelings are being experienced. I credit Brent with how much this approach is now a part of my consciousness. Writing this I feel warmth in my heart and gratitude for this fellow traveller and the powerful impact he's had on my journey." - Charlotte, New Zealand

“Although my Skype consultation with Brent only lasted for an hour, he covered what most New Age Spiritual Guru type people would normally take 6-12 sessions of the aforementioned duration spanning a time period of, at the very least, somewhere in the range of 3-6 months. Speaking with him, not only was he fully present and in the moment but his thorough insight (and indeed foresight one could argue by most accounts) is pretty much second to none. We started off with my direct experience of Kundalini Shakti and without me having to relay every minute detail he pretty much summed everything up into one neat package. Would definitely recommend.” – Amandeep, London

“I was recently looking for real tangible advices from somebody who speaks with wisdom. I decided to schedule a Skype session with Brent and I was definitely surprised by his knowledge. He showed great support in my current life chapter. I now see that I have more options than ever thought, and the notes I took in the session will be crucial in my unfolding/ upcoming adventures. I can now understand better how our minds shift between scarcity and abundance, and how perceptions can be biased by our life experiences. I most definitely recommend his help for anybody who feels in a rut or in a pivotal point.” – Luke, Montreal

“The Skype Session with Brent was very important for me. He is a great guy very down to earth and helped me tremendously to get more clarity on some things I have been pondering about. The thing I loved about him was that he can simply RELATE….he knows where you are coming from and helps you to clarify things, offers different perspectives and infuses you with self-trust.I personally liked his absolute/relative combo…which many teachers are missing these days. Some just talk from the absolute perspective and disregard the relative world altogether, whereas others just do the opposite. But Brent includes both which is great. I would highly recommend doing a skype session with him. Besides he got something as I call it: “energy perfume”, so even though you might not even recognize it during the session, but some of his energy may jump over to you and work in very beneficial ways for you:) I personally felt great after the talk and noticed and exciting energy moving through me.” – Walter, Austria

“When you are interacting with Brent you can tell that he’s fully present. When he speaks he emanates nothing but love and wisdom. The insights he has shared with me have had a deep and long-lasting impact on my personal and spiritual growth. I am eternally grateful for the exchanges we have had. I have nothing but love and respect for this individual. You will feel the difference when you receive his transmissions.” – Jessica, Montreal

Speaking with Brent a number of times reinforced my view that this journey was about fun, and experiencing life to the fullest, rather than retreating from it. He also seems to embody that the bliss one is able to cultivate both goes beyond any worldly pleasure, and enhances any pleasure one may engage in. Conversing with him has been very laid-back and relaxed, which one may expect of someone embodying such movement towards living life in the most meaningful and enjoyable possible way.” – Chris, The Netherlands

“I’ve been following Brent for about two years now and I’ve benefited from his writings greatly. However our skype call provided a different taste of energy compared to his writings which was a different and great experience. The calmness and clarity he provides in his talks are great and you can feel the intention and energy behind his words when talking. He is great at reconciling different viewpoints and understandings and is a pleasure to speak to. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in this stuff to arrange a talk with him.” – Ardi, Kosovo

“I used Brent’s Skype Service during a very emotionally tough time a year ago and am grateful. There were things that came up in conversation (that would be less likely to via email) that really resonated and was exactly what I needed to hear at that time. It seems that I’m better able to remember what someone said or told me than what is written in books/email. I always got something meaningful out of the sessions and felt more empowered in taking this journey. It was like using training wheels to eventually upgrade to a regular bike and take journeys all alone. Our Skype Sessions played a very critical role in this journey of allowing me to see why I should trust the universe and that I don’t actually have any enemies… As of now, I feel more at peace with what is and though this mind is no different than anyone else (fears, insecurities, likes/dislikes), a shift that I can’t described has happened where I don’t do things unconsciously and where I don’t complain as much as I used to about things. Allowing the unknown to do its magic on you and in your life is the key to how you can have fun living, no matter the situation you’re in. Having Brent steer you in the direction you need to go at that time will be very beneficial. Emails are great, but the Skype sessions are where things deeply resonated. Thank you <3” – Maya, California

“I have known Brent a little over 2 years now and he has always been there for me whenever I was lost and needed help. His guidance is always very clear, honest and with the right amount of motivation to help me continue my spiritual journey. Thank you Brent.” – Proshat, The Netherlands

“From the moment I first read sentences of his approach to life, I had to keep reading more and more. As a spiritual soul as myself, Brent has given me powerful tools to transform my life. He has sped up my progress towards my own ascension. One important thing I can say about Brent, in my worst times and troubled moments he never stopped encouraging me. I feel blessed and grateful to cross paths with him again, in this life time. I really encourage others to take their chance to meet and contact Brent. Thank you with all my heart.” – Deniz, Toronto

"My Skype session with Brent was wonderful! Such a gorgeous and clear reminder of my spiritual practice. Brent was easy to talk to, and so very kind. He was generous with his time and gave me some awesome new meditation techniques. After this session I gained a better perspective on painful feelings and I am beginning to see them in a much more caring, gentle, and productive way. Thank you so much Brent!" – Violet, California

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