Private Sessions

Brent D'Silva - Spiritual Teacher, Guidance, Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, the Law of Attraction, Dark Night of the Soul, Ascension, Self-RealizationHey, I'm Brent. I’ve been serving as a spiritual teacher since 2013, sharing my full presence in these private sessions, meeting seekers with empathy, intuitive guidance, wisdom, healing energy, and love, wherever they might be on the path.

On my own journey, I’ve experienced the incredible longing to return home, to transform, to heal, and to awaken. I’ve been through intense existential depression and the falling away of everything external, from finances, to relationships, to energy, to inspiration, to health, and to the sense of self.

I’m quite familiar with the weird, trippy, and mystical; out-of-body experiences, encounters with disembodied beings, chakra activations, and more. I’ve experienced the horror of depersonalization/derealisation (DP/DR). I’ve been through the most intense aspects of the Kundalini Shakti awakening process and I’ve survived the most dreadful dark nights of the soul.

Finally, I’ve tasted the sweetest nectar of bliss within my own being. Now, my deepest longing is to point the way for you, back to the bliss of your own being.

Disclaimer: All services and communication delivered by Brent D'Silva are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.