kundalini shakti awakening and the radiance of shaktipat Hi Brent, which person do you feel radiates shakti most intensely?

The radiance of Shakti is not quantifiable. Some may radiate more powerfully at certain times when they are in a higher state of consciousness. You may not be able to perceive it because you aren’t sensitive enough or maybe you’re in a much lower state of consciousness at the time. There’s too many variables. We can’t make comparisons on this topic.

When you feel Shakti radiance from another or when you empathize with another’s emotion or when you experience telepathy, you aren’t feeling the other’s radiance, you aren’t feeling the other’s emotion and you’re not reading the other’s mind. You are matching their frequency within your own being!

You can only feel the radiance of Shakti from another to the degree that you are able to radiate it from within yourself. Being in the presence of someone that is in a high state of realization offers you a very powerful mirror and example of the Shakti radiance and you are simply given the opportunity to come into harmony with it.

It’s much easier to sing a correct note if you can hear an example of it first. This does not mean that you can’t sing it correctly without the example, though. It’s just easier. But with enough practice, eventually you will be able to sing the note without the example. To sing means that you must also express that note from within yourself, not just listen to it coming from the outside. In the same way, feeling the Shakti radiance from another offers you an example for what you must match and express from within yourself as well.

It doesn’t matter who radiates Shakti most intensely. You may find that you’re able to resonate with a particular teacher more than another and that’s fine. There isn’t just meant to be one teacher for everyone. There are many and they appeal to different people at different times.

Ultimately, you’ll have to go beyond all of them. Nothing radiates Shakti more intensely than Shakti itself and that is not separate from who you are.

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