Kundalini awakening and the transformation of consciousness on the spiritual pathHi Brent. Kundalini feels active all the time. There is a dull ache sensation running through the spine and strong vibrations at times. The energy gives a feeling of being high and can make concentrating difficult. For instance, when the energy becomes very active, I have trouble focusing on tasks at hand and even have trouble speaking. I was wondering if you've had experiences like this and if you have any advice about what to do when these experiences arise. Thank you.

As the Kundalini becomes more active, so too does its power over the body-mind. In particular, as it begins to reach the head, you will likely begin to find yourself drawn irresistibly into deep meditative states or Samadhi more and more frequently. These spontaneous absorptions will begin to get deeper and deeper and they will pull you in, even in the midst of daily functioning. 

It is at this point on the path where you stop meditating on the divine and instead, you begin to be meditated by the divine. Your personal will is slowly being dissolved, leaving only divine will in its place.

When this first begins, it can be somewhat troublesome. You may be in the midst of a task and suddenly you begin to feel high, your mind slows down or stops completely, you might even forget where or who you are. The bliss you may experience can become so intoxicating that you can do nothing but drown in it. 

Understand what’s happening here—the Kundalini Shakti is divinity; it’s having its way with you.

Do you trust it? Do you trust this process? Do you feel that your daily tasks are more important than this transformation? Do you doubt whether your relative life will be taken care of if you were to surrender to the divine completely? 

You must have trust in the divine. You must long for this transformation to consume you so deeply that everything else becomes secondary. This is devotion. This is surrender. This is faith. This is trust. 

Let the divine have its way with you. Ultimately, it will. How easily that happens, is up to you. You can try to fight it or you can surrender. 

The Kundalini Shakti is infinite intelligence. It knows everything. It knows when you must focus on what you really need to get done and it knows when it can draw you into deep states of absorption. It’s not likely that you will just go into meditation or lose focus while driving, for example. At this point on the path, none of your experience is random or arbitrary. Everything is divinely orchestrated. You must see this and trust it. 

If you like, you can ask the divine to allow you to focus and function with ease in your daily activities when you really must. But then you must also offer it a period of time where it can do what it needs to do with you, whether it’s spontaneous kriyas, deep absorptions, or any other phenomena. You can make this deal, but then you must fully trust that the divine will keep its end of it. It will.

Eventually, you will become integrated in those deep states of absorption. You will regain your ability to function normally within the relative world while simultaneously absorbed in the absolute. It comes with time, practice and surrender.

The Kundalini will take care of you in all areas of your life, if you let it. In order to do so, you must surrender to it and undergo the transformation.

I have these experiences as well. If I’m given the opportunity to be still, even while standing up, I’ll just start being drawn into meditation automatically.

The other day I went into a spontaneous deep state, eyes open, staring at a photograph on my computer screen, in love. My phone rang and I answered it. I had no idea what my friend was saying or how to respond. Luckily, he is an experienced meditator, so I told him that he’ll have to give me a minute to make sense of what he was saying and he understood.

Just last night, I got comfortable on the couch with some other friends. I started to dissolve in the absolute, in Samadhi, in meditation. My friend asked me something and I had no response because I was just blank. I had to uncross my legs and kick-start my mind to make sense of what he was saying.

The fact of the matter is that even though my friends sort of understand what I’m experiencing, even if they didn’t, I really wouldn’t care. This transformation is the number one priority in my life. I am willing to die for this. This must be your attitude also. That’s my advice for you.

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